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Halloween Baby Shower Theme

8 Oct

Halloween Baby Shower Party Food

The food for a baby shower can really be a lot of fun when you’re trying to tie it to a theme. Here the Halloween theme really lends itself to tons of fun! Here are a variety of ideas and recipes to consider for your baby shower:
Halloween Baby Shower Cakes


  • Placenta Shaped Cake
  • Kitty Litter Cake (As in avoid the kitty litter while pregnant because of toxoplasmosis.)

Halloween Baby Shower Punch Ideas

  • Serve any version of a red punch and call it: Bloody Show Punch
  • Alternatively, serve clear punch and label it: Amniotic Fluid (Float Gummy Worms)
  • Consider adding ice cubes with candies inside for a chilling effect

Halloween Baby Shower Food


  • Dirt Cups with Spiders (Cupcakes work well too!)
  • Placenta cookies (Sugar cookies with red icing)
  • Cupcakes with Babies in the icing

Halloween Baby Shower Snacks (for tables)

  • Gummy Sperm (Gummy Worms)
  • Zombie candies
  • Mini brains
  • Fruit twists (some look decided like umbilical cords), or Twizzlers
  • Halloween Colored M & Ms (instead of pink or blue)

Consider labeling your dishes so that people can enjoy your puns!
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