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Ideas for green bridal shower invitations

11 Sep

When you want your wedding to reflect your own personal lifestyle, you need that theme to go across the whole of the wedding, through the planning to honeymoon.

Whatever your main wedding theme, it might still be important to you to make your wedding as green and eco-friendly as possible, and of course it is possible to make this happen!

Sending out paper-based wedding shower invitations can seem like one more un-green activity to add to the list, but if you think carefully you can minimize the impact you are having on the environment.


The greenest way to send out invitations is to send out emails. This has a minimal carbon footprint and is instant and traceable. You can check if people have received their invitations, and if not, you can resend them.


Many brides nowadays take this option for wedding shower invitations, keeping the use of paper invitations for the wedding day itself.

Recycled Paper

You can use recycled paper for your invitations. Ask your wedding stationer what type of paper they are using.  Ask the printer to print wording on the back of the card to say that the paper is recycled and to ask the recipient to recycle the card after use.

Check where your recycled paper originates from. If it comes from another country, it might be that the carbon produced during transportation outweighs that of the savings made in it’s production.


Make Your Own

Making your own invitations can be very green. Choose recycled paper, or make your own paper from recycled envelopes etc. Making the shower invitations yourself means that the carbon emitted during the production of commercially made cards is saved.

If you make your own shower invitations, you can also use recycled or natural materials to decorate the cards, again reducing the use of commercially-produced products.

Don’t Use Paper

If you want to be really green, you can use something other than paper to send your invitation on.  It has to be something biodegradable and natural, but really your imagination is all that is limiting you!  Write on pebbles, shells or papyrus sheets – the choice is yours!


Double Up

You can save paper by doubling up the invitations.  Write or print the wedding shower invitation on one side, and the invitation for the wedding itself on the other side.  This saves on paper, carbon produced during manufacture, and on postage too!


Sending the Cards

If possible, hand-deliver the Bridal Shower Invitation cards. However, this is not a green option if you have to drive all over town to do it.  Hand deliver to those people you see regularly and post the rest.


With a little thought, it is certainly possible to produce green wedding shower invitations. Don’t let your standards drop for lack of a few minutes thought!  Take the time to plan, and you will know that you are doing your bit for the environment and having a superb wedding at the same time!

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