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Wedding invitation protocol

18 Dec

Spring is here and many young lovebirds are busy planning the most memorable day of their lives.

Weddings are loaded with details and it is important to explore each, one at a time.

One of the most important details of a well-planned wedding is the purchase of the wedding invitations. There are so many colors and designs from which to choose, it boggles the mind! The paper weight varies with formal, semi-formal, and informal; as does the protocol for the verses inside –  which perform the task of announcing to every recipient that they are being honored to share in this joyous occasion!

There are two details of vital protocol to be considered. The first, regarding the selection of your wedding invitations, along with the proper verse inside, – and the second, how to prepare them for mailing. (This is NOT an occasion for E-INVITING! So, I am afraid you will just have to cough up the $100 to over $300 per 100 count that is most typically required for these gotta-haves.)

Selecting the style of verse for the invitation can be a daunting task. The company you choose for the printing will be able to advise you. But, you and your intended will have to have decided with your parents just who is doing the actual inviting.

There are typically three ways to go.

– The bride’s parents are doing the honors (most traditional)

– The groom’s parents have the joy of tapping the honored invitees

– BOTH sets of parents join together ALONG WITH the engaged couple to sound the “Y’all come”

Any way you decide , there will be sample verses from which to choose to make the task of choosing simpler.

Once this big decision is out of the way and your beautiful wedding invitations are well on their way to the printer’s, you can relax. At least for a week or so. The fun is just ahead, for when they return and you set out to prepare them with names and addresses of all your relatives and dearest friends – AND, your parent’s dearest friends!

No matter whether you opted for a big or small turn-out, formal or informal, – the rules for addressing the envelopes never does change.

Handwritten, please. CURSIVE, if possible, not printed. Anything else is just plain taboo!

– If you do not have nice, legible handwriting, enlist a good friend (or cousin) who does and is willing to be very accurate

– Make certain you have checked for errors in spelling. And, don’t forget CORRECT, COMPLETE zip codes

– The return address should be written on the BACK FLAP of the envelope

– The second smaller envelope (the one for the R.S.V.P.) should be tucked inside the outer one and remains unsealed

Your honored guests will, no doubt, wish to keep their invitation as a sweet remembrance of the day they shared with the two of you.

Years down the road – if properly executed –  they should look at their’s with a soft sigh and smile…