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Co-hosting A Baby Shower

19 Nov

For someone who plan to throw a baby shower for an expectant relative or friend, and in the position of co-hosting the event, actually, there is nothing to worry about because it is a pretty common practice today. People co-host baby showers for different reasons or purposes. For example, they might not have a location where to host a shower so to thank the owner of location, they might co-host. But most often, it is because they don’t have enough time to get everything done or they want to divide the expenses. So, whatever your intention is for co-hosting a baby shower, you will have to take part of the different responsibilities that it brings.

Co-hosting a baby shower is always a subject for conflict, however, it can be avoided since there are lots of ways on how to plan a co-host baby shower smoothly, which leads to success. A good communication is obviously the key factor in here. Fellow hosts will need to discuss and decide all the details together during meetings. Several planning meetings are very important so that everyone can have the chance to share their opinions and suggestions, and can agree on each significant thing. Basically, they will need to agree on the baby shower budget, theme, venue and food. With a good communication, the shower will be planned smoothly and harmoniously.

There might be someone who will ask you to co-host a baby shower for a simple reason of not having a good space at home. Whether or not you will co-host a baby shower for the space, it is very important to take care of this matter seriously. If more than one person plans to have the party in their home, as a group, both of you will need to look for a good location to hold the shower. But in order to that, you have to look at the guest list so that it will be easier for the both you to decide the size of the venue you should be finding.

Once the shower location has been decided, the rest of the other details will follow, such as the theme of the party; purchasing and sending shower invites; decorating the venue, foods; baby shower games and party. And because these details will require hosts to spend some cash, both parties should agree to divide whatever the cost of the party.

When delegating the expenses, basically it comes down to making sure that each one has will do a specific task, like one will be responsible of purchasing the baby shower invitations and sending them, while others are in charge of the baby shower decorations, games, menu and party favors. Planning a shopping day can surely make sense as it can avoid clashes over several choices but not all have enough time to schedule a shopping spree. Giving all the reasons why to co-hot a baby shower, the bottom line is, it is possible to make it successful if assigning responsibilities and obligations was done right from the very start.