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Baby shower games and gift ideas

13 Nov

So, you’ve been put in charge of arranging the baby shower? You have decided on the venue, your guest list and food. All you need to do now is decide on gifts for the mum-to-be and what games to play at the shower?

It is pretty common these days for the mum-to-be to have already organised most of the important items to be ready for the baby, so it is a good idea to talk to her about any other items she may still need and want.

To avoid doubling up on gifts, a simple solution is to get the mum-to-be to put together a wish list, then as organiser when you send out the invites you can include the list or the website/shop details of where the gift registry will be.  This gives the guests the opportunity to choose something off the list and, with the bigger ticket items, a few guest may decide to club together.  If the mum-to-be is not keen on this idea then here are some suggestions you can never go wrong with:

  • baby wraps, blankets and bibs – any new mum will tell you can never have enough of these!
  • books such as baby guides, pregnancy books, baby journals and nursery rhymes treasury’s
  • beautiful keepsake boxes for babies’ first lock of hair, hospital bracelets and first tooth can all be lovely gift ideas.

Another great idea is to put together a starter pack including: nappies, wipes, baby lotion, a soft toy and a swaddling cloth. This is always so good as all the items will be used.

A wonderful way to include many of your guests who are already mums is to ask them to put together a few facts and tips for a “stuff they don’t tell you” sheet.  Your guest of honour will be forever grateful for this.

Don’t forget this is a great opportunity to spoil the mum-to-be, too, so instead of presents for the baby, you can give her gifts.  Some ideas include pyjamas, scented candles, a new wash bag and toiletries, maybe even a visit to a relaxing pregnancy retreat as a joint gift.

And please don’t forget the siblings –  they can often feel left out of this celebration so it is a good idea to have a little something for them to open. One idea could be a photo frame for them to put in a picture of themselves with their new sibling after the big day arrives.

Baby shower games

baby shower Games

To break the ice for guests and so everyone has a bit of fun, it is a good idea to plan a few games.  When choosing your games, keep in mind the personality of the mum-to-be and the age range of guests.  It is a good idea to mix up a good selection of written and active games, but also be mindful and have a few other games to fall back on as, depending on the crowd, some will work better than others.

Here is a list of inexpensive fun games you can do at a baby shower with just a little planning.

  1. Baby – You give each guest a dummy with a ribbon attached as they arrive, then each guest wears a dummy around their neck if anyone is caught saying the word “baby” you have to take that persons dummy. The object of the game is to collect as many dummies as you can from the other guests.
  2. Jelly Babies – You need to prepare this a day ahead. Simply put a jelly baby in an ice cube slot, fill with water and freeze. When your guests arrive and they have a drink ensure they all have a frozen jelly baby. The first guest whose ice melts is the winner.
  3. The Price is Right – Get 8 baby products and each guest needs to guess how much each item costs. The guest who has the closest amount wins.
  4. Change the Baby – You get a newborn baby-sized doll, some disposable nappies and a timer. Each guest will take off the nappy and put another one on using only one hand with their other behind their back. The fastest player is the winner.

You don’t really need to do many more than 4 games as guests will also want plenty of time for chatting. If you don’t have much time beforehand, you can buy online books with baby shower games and baby bingo.

The best thing you can do is just have fun and remember it is a beautiful time in a woman’s life and everyone will enjoy sharing in it.


Tips For Planning A Twin Baby Shower

6 Nov

Having a baby can be a very joyous time for any woman. If you have a friend or a relative that is having a baby, you want to be able to throw them a baby shower. A baby shower is a great way to bring a baby into the world. People can get together and bring gifts and good wishes to the mom to be. If the mom to be is having twins, then a twin baby shower needs to be planned. Here is how you can plan and host your own twin baby shower.

The first thing that you need to do is brainstorm. There are so many things that you can do for a baby shower. Sit down and think about themes. A baby shower theme for twins can be easily done. You can have everything come in pairs! You simply need to sit down and think about your theme and where you want to go from there.

The invitations need to be the first thing that goes out. This will give guests plenty of time to plan their schedule around this day. If you do not have a lot of money to spend on this, think about making the shower into a potluck. This will definitely lower the initial cost you would spend on food and beverages. Make sure you include all of this in your twin owl baby shower  invitation.

Think about the decorations that the materials that you are going to need. These are all going to add up. It is important that you set aside enough money to cover all of the expenses. Try to stay away from your credit cards; you do not want to get into anymore debt. Simply come up with your budget and stick to that number.

After you have your numbers all ready to go you can start thinking about your materials needed. Make sure that you think about party favors and gift bags that you can hand out. Make a list that coincides with your budget as well as the theme of your twin baby shower. You can even include a grocery list if you want to get a little bit of food.

You are ready to start shopping once the list is finished. Online party supply stores are going to be your best bet. In fact, the internet itself is going to be your best bet. This is where you are going to save the most amounts of money. Everything can easily be bough in bulk which will save you a lot more money!

You can buy all of your food wholesale as well. There are plenty of stores that will give you great deals on bulk food. Make sure that you have the proper membership to shop at these stores or even on the online stores. You can have the food delivered directly to your home if you choose to have it delivered.

Planning a twin baby shower does not have to be difficult. As long as you get all of your planning down ahead of time, you should be in good shape. Simply sit down and start doing all of your brainstorming. Keep your eyes open for all of the best deals that you can find!

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It’s Baby Shower Time!

25 Oct

Baby Shower invitations are sent out for, surprise, surprise, baby showers. All kidding outside, a lot of people, especially young people generate a puzzled look at the thought of an invitation to a baby shower. After all, why would everyone want to be invited to a baby shower? What’s so special about getting some soap and suds and getting clean in the shower?

Funnily enough, a lot of young children think that’s what a baby shower is. In reality, a baby shower is a special party in which current parents or expectant parents receive a smattering of gifts for their newborn or expected child. It helps if ultra-sound has revealed the gender of the baby prior to the party. Otherwise, gifts could be mismatched to the gender. So, to be absolutely clear, it extremely closely related to a bridal shower and has nothing at all to do with washing babies. Baby showers also serve the purpose of reducing the budgetary requirements of the soon-to-be baby because other parents chip in and buy items for the baby like clothes. Some countries don’t celebrate until the baby is actually born, but it has a long and rich history in the United States of occurring prior to birth. Some believe that bad luck happens to those that host pre-birth baby showers and others believe it is a strictly private affair involving just the closest group of tight-knit relatives, colleagues, and confidantes. Whatever the practices revolving around it, America has a proud history and heritage of hosting them for mothers-to-be. Plus, it’s a way for the bride’s friends to be introduced to the husband of the bride in an informal setting away from a lot of his male friends – at home, in a natural mode.

Baby Shower invitations sometimes include a list of the activities to be performed like baby shower bingo, birth date or sex guessing, pregnant belly girth guessing, baby food flavor guessing, diaper throw games with treats and prizes to eat out of the (clean) diapers, opening the gifts in front of all the other guests, and serving the cake or beverages. It’s inadvisable, inappropriate, and downright irresponsible to bring alcohol – either in the form of champagne, beer, or even red wine. Alcohol is bad for the baby. Call it bad taste. Pun intended.

What do Baby Shower invitations look like and describe?

Baby Shower invitations give the name of the person to be honored, name of the occasion, and the day, date, time, location, and hosts’ names. Sometimes, it’s hosted by grandma, the husband, or a close friend.

Baby Showers can be a special time for moms to share tips, gifts, prospects for their children-to-beBusiness Management Articles, and laughs too!

Top Five Memorable Baby Shower Gifts 2012

31 Aug

Popular & Memorable baby shower gifts

Go off the registry, and consider these beautiful gift ideas for the new baby. They don’t have to be expensive to be memorable and fun gifts.Nowadays, baby showers have everything planned%u2026right down to the gifts that the new parents will be getting. But the best way for gifts to stand out is for guests to think outside the registry.

Any new mom will tell you that some of her favorite baby shower gifts were diapers, wipes, onesies, and other practical items. These items come Baby Shower Giftsin handy as the new mom throws herself into motherhood, but once things calm down a bit and she settles into everyday life, she will cherish the baby shower gifts that are a little more unique. Here are the top five memorable baby shower gifts, in my view.

1. Baby’s first piggy bank

 Most children will grow to love the idea of collecting child. My own niece begs my dad for change every time she sees him. My daughter gets up from her nap most days and asks me to get her piggy bank down from her shelf so she can take coins out and then put them back in. Piggy banks can serve many different purposes. First, they can teach a child about money. Second, they can be fun. Third, they make wonderful baby shower gifts. Piggy banks come in all different colors and styles and they can even be personalized. I will always remember who gave me my daughter’s blue piggy bank with her name painted on the side and so will she.Personalized piggy banks can be great gifts for babies and kids. Although babies are too young for piggy banks, but the latest designs of these personalized piggy banks can be a great source of entertainment for the babies. When babies are gifted some money, parents choose to store the money in these kids piggy banks as a token of love and blessings.

2. Diaper cake

 The famous diaper cake is often the center of any baby shower. Baby shower gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but the diaper cake is the most unique shape and size of all. Diaper cakes are often set at the center of the gift table because they are so neat to see. I know I still remember the diaper cake I received and exactly who brought it and made it. I also remember how long she said it took her to put the whole thing together. A diaper cake is useful because all of the items in it are things the new parents will genuinely use. It is also a memorable gift that everyone at the shower will likely enjoy.

When searching for baby boy gifts, it is best to give them something which they will need. Since the most essential item for the baby is diaper, you can gift him a diaper cake. This item is one of the most popular gifts for babies in current times. The diaper cake is mostly made of two or three layer. There are several online stores on the internet who sell these items. If you are a working adult who do not have time to visit the store to purchase baby boy gifts, then online shopping will be the best option for you.

3.Disney Princess Gifts

If the baby is going to be a girl, the new mother will likely someday get to see all of the Disney movies%u2026especially those that involve princesses. There are many different Disney princess gifts on the market, many of which are good for even newborns. If you buy a piece of jewelry, or an item that is really meant for an older child, the new mother will have something to look forward to sharing with her daughter a little later in life.Using this type of nifty present your girl can indulge and make cakes comprehensive with icing, frosting and sprinkles.

4. Stuffed Tote Bag

If you want to include practical items along with a special gift, a stuffed tote bag is a good way to go. You can get a large tote bag and personalize it with the new baby’s name. If you do not yet know the baby’s name, put the first letter of the couple’s last name on the bag and anyone can use it. Then, stuff the bag full of items the new parents will need. Diapers, wipes, blankets, books, clothes, and anything else you can think of adding. The tote bag will make a great item to carry all of those things around and the items themselves will come in very useful.

5. Organic baby crib sets

Not many people are bold enough to pick out sheets for a new baby, but organic baby products are a wonderful gift. Find out the color of the baby’s room and do your best. Even if they do not match exactly, the new mother will likely be glad to have a spare set in the middle of the night when she needs it, and the mattress that we choose for them to sleep on is an important choice. As awareness is raised about the benefits purchasing organic and natural products, many parents are choosing as many of these products as possible. Choosing organic crib mattresses should be no exception.