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Unique Wedding Invitations 2013 – 2014

8 Aug

Finding a unique way to create your wedding invitation can really make it stand out. Invitations are sometimes glanced at, and then placed below more urgent mail. There are many ways to design invitations that are memorable in the best ways possible.
black-and-white unique-wedding-invitation
Some traditional ways to make your invitation unique is by customizing the invitation thoroughly based on the type of ceremony that you are holding. Ideas abound for a wide variety of weddings, and a unique invitations can be yours with a little bit of creativity.

If you are getting married on a beach, then you have a wide range of imagery to include. Try using paper designed to replicate the look of sand, and have the text done in such a way to make it look like the invitation was written in the sand. Include bright, tropical colors intermeshed with sandy hues in the background. Another way to really bring out the beach theme is to have seashells and other appropriate shapes embossed into the paper, and then colored appropriately. A beach theme really opens up the way to creativity with your wedding invitation.
unique wedding invitations
Another way to make your invitation stand out is to make it very colorful. Yes, you may be used to seeing wedding invitations using primarily white with a little bit of black. There may occasionally be one accenting color. Using a variety of well matched colors can give your invitation a sense of fun that will attract your guests. Colors designed to be next to each other can draw attention to your invitation. Using the same color, but in many different shades can give a more subtle look to your invitation. Be sure to choose colors that you like though as it will be difficult to change once you have made a decision. The colors for your invitation should match with the colors for your ceremony ‘s theme.

One contemporary way to make your wedding invitation unique is by taking advantage of modern technology. There are companies that will help you compile all relevant wedding invitation information into a multimedia experience and put it on a DVD. Your invitation can feature music, sound clips, video, pictures and just about anything imaginable. You can even make these DVDs elaborate enough to have them work as wedding favors. Be sure to still include all of the important information about the wedding in the DVD. It may also be a good idea to include the info in a simplified written format to make it more accessible for your guests. Using a DVD will make your invitation stand out right from the beginning. The disk is less likely to get stored away and forgotten. Furthermore, you can include more personal information in the DVD, allowing your guests to have a greater sense of connection to your event. This will give your wedding a sense of closeness and community ensuring that it is an event that everyone can enjoy.
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If your ceremony is going to be unique by being extremely modern, then choose an invitation that fits the theme. You do not need to feel trapped by the traditional white or grey color combinations. You can have contemporarypatterns used for decoration. Going modern for your invitations will communicate to your guests that the ceremony will not be traditional. This type of unique invitation can be very productive as a means of reaching your guest.

Perhaps you want to make your wedding invitation stand out with a vintage style. There are many styles which have retained their popularity years after they were introduced. Many of these vintage styles stem from the Victorian tradition. Embossed vine-work that reminds you a bit of an oriental rug can be an indication of a vintage Victorian style. Use of gold and black strikingly against white or grey backgrounds can create an excellent color combination to make your invitation stand out. If you want to pay homage to what past generations of your family have done with their weddings, then vintage invitations may be exactly what you need.
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Your wedding invitation is your guest ‘s first impression of wedding they will be attending. The wedding invitation is very important part of the overall event, and with some creativity, you can find a style which will stand out greatly from what most people are used to receiving. This could benefit your wedding in a variety of ways. A unique wedding invitation many compel your guests to remember the invitation and respond in a more timely fashion.

Overall, the specific style of invitation that you choose is entirely up to you. Finding one that suits your personal style and accents your ceremony will help you create an invitation that will be truly unique. Be creative, experiment a little and you are sure to find an invitation that is just right.