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Vintage Wedding Invitations: Set the Tone

18 Jun

There is something so romantic about the eras of days gone by. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that many brides are interested in putting together a vintage wedding for their big day. Or perhaps it is because there are so many different options available in terms of eras for brides to be able to choose from. Whatever the reason, a vintage wedding is a unique and special event for all who attend, and by choosing the right wedding invitations you can set the tone for your big day early.

vintage Wedding-Invitations

The wedding invitations that you send out are the first indication to your guests as to what they can expect from your event. Essentially, your invitation is your calling card and it will clue the guests in to the theme of your big day, the formality of the event, and of course the important details of your day. With all of that riding on your invitation choice, you want to be sure that you make the right design decisions for that small piece of paper that you are going to be sending out.

Before you make any design decisions you need to decide on the era that your vintage wedding is going to encompass. There are many different time periods to choose from. Some of the most popular have been the 1920’s, 1930’s, and the 1950’s. Though these eras are close in their timing they are very different in their style. Knowing specifically which time period your wedding is going to embody will help you to truly choose the right wedding invitations for your event.

Once you have selected the time period you are going to want to choose the colours for your wedding invitations. Often for vintage weddings brides choose invitations that are more muted in colour. They tend to feature pastels, but that is not a hard and fast rule. For example, if you are planning on centering your wedding around an art deco theme you may want to use bolder colours in clean smooth lines that are paired with gleaming metallics.

unique vintage wedding invitations

Additionally, you may also want to give some thought to the printing technique used to print your wedding invitations. For a true vintage wedding you may want to use some of the vintage printing techniques like letterpress printing. However, be aware that this and other techniques like this might make your wedding invitations significantly more expensive. If you are worried about your budget you may want to stick to using a digital printer. Though the ink will lay on top of the paper with this technique it will still look professional and well done without the expensive price tag. Choosing a vintage design invitation and the right font will help to create the feeling you are after.

A vintage wedding is made up of a variety of details, and the wedding invitations are among the most important. Your guests will receive this invitation and it will let them know what they can expect from your big day and what you expect of them. You want to send the right message in the right way so that they get the feel of your upcoming vintage wedding.