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Baby Shower Gift Tags Make Your Baby Shower Super Special!

30 Oct

Do you know how to make the baby gift special? What have you done to make your baby gift box out of the ordinary? Are you perplexed to adorn your baby gift? Demanding to crop up with an unusual thought for the baby shower you are hosting? Out of the way from setting up good provisions, creative streamers and an exciting theme how about using baby shower tags in various ways? Are these questions troubling you?

Relax, because we are here to help you with your confusions and dilemmas. Baby shower gift tags are the perfect way to make your best baby gift. There are loads of ways that you can toil the use of baby shower tags into your shower. To commence you will necessitate deciding on how you will draw on them. This will agree on the dimension or sizes of tags considered necessary.

You may want to initiate at the very foundation and bring into play these as the summons. This needs care and extreme modesty. You can craft this type of invitation by going to your departmental supply store or expertise store and paying for the tags. They are accessible in loads of sizes, designs and colors. You can hand letter the invitation baby shower tags yourself, use rubber plod or your laptop. There are delightful baby themed papers you can put in as well as little badges and pretty streamers. The tag theme can go on with as you wrap up your contributions. You may also desire to make use of baby shower tags as part of a pastime or actions. Baby shower tags also make beloved set cards for all of the guests.

You can make a nice baby shower invitations. It’s trouble-free and amusing to make use of baby shower tags for a baby shower. The new mom will be overwhelmed and have a small number of special keepsakes for the baby’s scrapbook. Actually this makes a brilliant gift for the baby shower. You can actually present a scrapbook and attach a few tags along with it. This makes a very nice memory for the mother. It is very important that your effort produces a smile on the mother’s face and makes her acquainted with the warmth of her forth coming life.

These days, baby showers are recognized to be more or less an obligation for any new parents to horde a social gathering. Originally, the customary way of hosting the party was prepared by close friends of the pair and to be only concentrated by women; astonishingly baby showers nowadays were attended by nearly everyone especially couples. Consequently, the host could also be a man or any body. However, setting up a baby shower party is not as uncomplicated as what others would imagine. There is special thoughtfulness that requests to be made. These include the best baby gift, baby gift box, baby shower gift tags, baby shower invitations, food provisions, baby gift thank you notes and many more. These things make the baby shower special in many ways.

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It’s Baby Shower Time!

25 Oct

Baby Shower invitations are sent out for, surprise, surprise, baby showers. All kidding outside, a lot of people, especially young people generate a puzzled look at the thought of an invitation to a baby shower. After all, why would everyone want to be invited to a baby shower? What’s so special about getting some soap and suds and getting clean in the shower?

Funnily enough, a lot of young children think that’s what a baby shower is. In reality, a baby shower is a special party in which current parents or expectant parents receive a smattering of gifts for their newborn or expected child. It helps if ultra-sound has revealed the gender of the baby prior to the party. Otherwise, gifts could be mismatched to the gender. So, to be absolutely clear, it extremely closely related to a bridal shower and has nothing at all to do with washing babies. Baby showers also serve the purpose of reducing the budgetary requirements of the soon-to-be baby because other parents chip in and buy items for the baby like clothes. Some countries don’t celebrate until the baby is actually born, but it has a long and rich history in the United States of occurring prior to birth. Some believe that bad luck happens to those that host pre-birth baby showers and others believe it is a strictly private affair involving just the closest group of tight-knit relatives, colleagues, and confidantes. Whatever the practices revolving around it, America has a proud history and heritage of hosting them for mothers-to-be. Plus, it’s a way for the bride’s friends to be introduced to the husband of the bride in an informal setting away from a lot of his male friends – at home, in a natural mode.

Baby Shower invitations sometimes include a list of the activities to be performed like baby shower bingo, birth date or sex guessing, pregnant belly girth guessing, baby food flavor guessing, diaper throw games with treats and prizes to eat out of the (clean) diapers, opening the gifts in front of all the other guests, and serving the cake or beverages. It’s inadvisable, inappropriate, and downright irresponsible to bring alcohol – either in the form of champagne, beer, or even red wine. Alcohol is bad for the baby. Call it bad taste. Pun intended.

What do Baby Shower invitations look like and describe?

Baby Shower invitations give the name of the person to be honored, name of the occasion, and the day, date, time, location, and hosts’ names. Sometimes, it’s hosted by grandma, the husband, or a close friend.

Baby Showers can be a special time for moms to share tips, gifts, prospects for their children-to-beBusiness Management Articles, and laughs too!

Planning a Baby Shower on a Budget

23 Oct

baby shower is a special event given by a family member or a friend of the parents/mother-to-be. This event is normally given when the mother-to-be is in her seventh or eighth month

of pregnancy. The objective of the baby shower is to help the parents or the mother-to-be by giving gifts for the baby.

If you are given the honor of hosting this special event and you are working with a budget, here are a few ideas you can apply to make the baby shower a memorable and successful one.


Make sure you decide up front what your budget will be. Know how much money you will spend on the baby shower items and stay within your budget.


If this is not a surprise baby shower the hostess may want to discuss it with the mother-to-be or solicit the help of a family member or another friend to help with the planning. The first thing you would need to decide upon is the date and time. After the date and time has been determined a location would be the next important issue to discuss.


If your budget allows, you may want to have the baby shower at a hotel or a restaurant. The baby shower can even be held at a church. If you want to save money you can have it at the mother-to-be, the hostess, a family member or a friend’s home. If the weather permits it can be held outside in the back yard or at a park.

You would need to make a list of everyone you are going to invite. You can get their email address and send an e-card. This will cut out the postage. Of course if the people you are inviting do not have a computer you can purchase inexpensive baby shower invitations by Invitesbaby and mail them to their homes. It is also a good idea to have the invitees to RSVP. This will help you determine how many people plan to attend.


If the mother-to-be is registered at a store a registry can be printed out and given to the hostess to be emailed or mailed to the invitees, or the mother-to-be can supply the hostess with a wish list of the items she would like to receive. For great gift ideas for your baby shower see the article Great Gifts for the Bundle of Joy by Alicia Ellison Grant.


You will need to decide what your menu will consist of. You can serve light refreshments such as potato chips, punch, a veggie tray/fruit tray, meatballs, etc. You can also serve a cake. This cake can be purchased from the grocery store; you can bake it or have a family member to do so. Do not forget your napkins, paper plates, eating utensils and cups.


Your decorations can be inexpensive. If you decide to go with a theme you may want your decorations to correspond with the theme. If you decide to go with the basics you may want to choose the blue for boy or the pink for girl. Your decorations can consist of pink or blue balloons with pink or blue streamers to match. If you or unaware of the baby’s sex you may want to consider using yellow or green. Your decorations do not have to be expensive.


If your budget allows, you may decide to give souvenir gifts. This is totally optional. These are little gifts to thank your guest for attending the baby shower. These party favors or parting gifts can be anything from book markers, bath soaks to picture frames. If you decide not to go with the souvenir gifts make sure you send thank you cards to your guest.


Now that all of the hard work is out of the way, you will need to decide what games you will play at the baby shower if any. If you decide to play games they will help to entertain and occupy your guest. You can never go wrong with games such as Bingo, the Q-tip game, the name game or the baby food game. The Q-tip game is played when a baby bottle is filled with Q-tips and is passed around to the guest. They would need to guess and write down how many Q-tips are in the baby bottle. The person who come the closet wins. The name game is played when the mother-to- be has already named the baby. The guest would need to make as many words as they can out of the baby’s name. The person who makes the most words win. The baby food game consists of your guest guessing which baby foods they are tasting. Make sure whatever games you decide to play are fun and appropriate. These are just a few games you can play to entertain your guest. You will also need to decide if you will give inexpensive gifts to the winners. These gifts can consist of candles, candy bars, key chains, magnets etc.


If you decide to have music in the background you may want to play something soft and not too distracting.

Baby Shower Party: Invitations

16 Oct

Since then, babyshowerparty were practiced with a specific and important purpose, that is to shower the soon-to-be mother with lots of gifts for her baby. Although we can’t point out the exact history of the baby shower, most of us agree that its purpose has not change. The manifestation of baby showers seems to indicate that they have been around since early Egyptian era. Despite the fact that it isn’t possible to have a baby shower concept in our early times, the baby shower as we popularly recognized today only began to emerge during the time of World War II.

Traditionally, a baby shower was served to give chance for family members and friends to give gifts for soon-to-be parents. As years goes by however, this tradition has evolved where parties and celebrations were incorporated. Guests were expected to not only bring gifts, but they should stay at the party, join the party games and celebrate with foods and drinks. During this time, you’ll notice that everyone seems to be involved in the life of the new parents, from their family to closest friends.
Today, baby showers were acknowledged to be almost a necessity for any new parents to host a party. Initially, the traditional way of hosting the party were made by close friends of the couple and to be only attended by women, surprisingly baby showers today were attended by most couples. Therefore, the host could also be a man. However, preparing a baby shower party is not as easy as what others would think, there are different considerations that needs to be done.

One way to ensure that all the important people in your baby’s life will be attending, you need to prepare for party invitations and announcement. You could either purchase invitations or make your own. Invitations are of different types, styles and designs. Because of these varieties, it is necessary for you to choose the type of invitations that are applicable to the party. Although, purchasing is quite easy to do, but to decide what to purchase needs to be done accordingly. Take into account the shower party theme, there are several types of party themes and each of them has their own appropriate accessories. Example, if you have a non-formal or less traditional shower party, your invitations and other accessories need also to be non-formal. Non-formal party invitations can be fun, humorous, colorful or enchanting.

Party shops and other market places offer varieties of baby shower invitations, from formal to non-formal choices. Also, you may consider searching online for wider selection where tons of online specialty stores can be your good source. You can see different appeal of hottest party invitations, some of them can be made personalized. You may consider Personalized “Footprints” Baby Shower Invitations, a custom-made personalized invitations that are perfect solution for expensive tastes on a small budget. Elegant and adorable, these personalized invitations come in pink and yellow pin stripes with cute illustration of baby feet.

You could also search online for other baby shower accessories like shower favors, baby gift basket, baby shower cake and other food menus, as well as games and gifts for new parents.

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Five Tips to Make Your Baby Shower Party Memorable

15 Oct

To be memorable, a baby shower needs to be imaginative and very different from a typical event. Easier said than done. Everyone strives to achieve uniqueness but few have managed to reach that goal.

Every aspect of the baby shower should be well-selected and quite creative for the party to be memorable. True, it requires more thought and preparation but if uniqueness is your main aim, you should start working.

Choose Unusual Themes
A memorable baby shower will have an outstanding theme. Anything that is baby-related and excessively cute will drive you away from achieving uniqueness. You can certainly turn a traditional party into a memorable event but your task will be more difficult.

Unusual themes will make you a pioneer and will give people something to remember the baby shower by. You might be clueless about bright baby shower theme ideas but you will just need to utilize your creative potential.

Do you believe in fairytales? Why don’t you take guests back in time to their childhood years? They will have fun and they will remember the wonderful experience.

Mesmerize Guests at the Entrance
To achieve the ‘wow’ effect, you need a spectacular entrance. Get guests surprised even before they make it to the room.

You can have someone welcoming them and providing guests with items that will be needed for games and activities. Keep their purpose a secret so that guests are left wondering about the aim of it all.

Multimedia will also help you create something outstanding. A screen by the entrance, showing pictures of the mom-to-be or family videos will surprise guests and the mom in a pleasant way.

Engaging Games and Activities
Decorations can easily be forgotten. People remember emotions rather than items. Provide them with the chance to form memories.

Engaging games and activities will make your baby shower memorable. The entire party can be an activity. Holding a cooking party or a spa-themed baby shower will get guests socializing and enjoying each other’s presence.

The Food!
An amazing culinary experience will give people something to remember. Get them trying exotic and gourmet foods.

The selection of a nice menu is yet another step towards making the baby shower memorable.

Sometimes, it will even be an issue of decoration rather than an issue of cooking. A well-formed platter or a dish is a work of art rather than something to eat. You can purchase the food from a catering company or a restaurant. The decorations will be up to you. Unleash your culinary potential and use food to create art.

Handmade… Everything
Handmade items are impressive. They show creativity and they show desire to make something beautiful and interesting.

Having handmade decorations or baby shower favors will transform the event into a memorable one. The good news is that various types of favors are exceptionally easy to make. Key chains, candles and jewelry will all let you be outstanding.

Bridal Shower: Bridal Shower Cake Wording?

10 Oct


I am the maid of honor in charge of ordering the wedding shower cake for my sister’s bridal shower. What would be appropriate to have written on the top?
 Shower Cake wording


Don’t worry too much about this detail — there are tons of options for decorating a shower cake. It can be as simple as “Congratulations Julie”, or as ornate as you want and can afford. Some ideas include writing a line from her favorite poem, covering the cake with her favorite flowers made of sugar or the design of her china pattern, even a scaled-down version of her wedding cake. When making your decision, consider the bride’s personality and the formality of the event. Bridal Shower Cake wording1

If the shower is casual, and she has a great sense of humor, maybe she would get a kick out of a funny caricature of her and the groom. If the event is more formal stick to something a little more traditional — you can never go wrong with a spray of beautiful fresh flowers. You probably know your sister better than most, so go with your gut, and do what you think would make her smile.

Halloween Baby Shower Theme

8 Oct

Halloween Baby Shower Party Food

The food for a baby shower can really be a lot of fun when you’re trying to tie it to a theme. Here the Halloween theme really lends itself to tons of fun! Here are a variety of ideas and recipes to consider for your baby shower:
Halloween Baby Shower Cakes


  • Placenta Shaped Cake
  • Kitty Litter Cake (As in avoid the kitty litter while pregnant because of toxoplasmosis.)

Halloween Baby Shower Punch Ideas

  • Serve any version of a red punch and call it: Bloody Show Punch
  • Alternatively, serve clear punch and label it: Amniotic Fluid (Float Gummy Worms)
  • Consider adding ice cubes with candies inside for a chilling effect

Halloween Baby Shower Food


  • Dirt Cups with Spiders (Cupcakes work well too!)
  • Placenta cookies (Sugar cookies with red icing)
  • Cupcakes with Babies in the icing

Halloween Baby Shower Snacks (for tables)

  • Gummy Sperm (Gummy Worms)
  • Zombie candies
  • Mini brains
  • Fruit twists (some look decided like umbilical cords), or Twizzlers
  • Halloween Colored M & Ms (instead of pink or blue)

Consider labeling your dishes so that people can enjoy your puns!
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