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How to Host a Safe Birthday Party

26 Sep

When Lynn Morley planned her son’s first birthday party she knew what she wanted. The Belton, Missouri, mom envisioned a small get-together with family surrounding her son Alexander as he blew out the big number one candle atop his cake. What Morley didn’t plan on is her son being so enchanted with the flames that he lunged forward in his high chair to grab the candle. “I pulled it back just in time,” recalls Morley. “My husband and I blew it out for him.” That was three years ago. As Morley prepares for her second son’s first birthday party, she doesn’t plan on lighting any candles.
“What’s interesting is that no one at the party—all experienced parents—thought to caution us about the candle,” confides Morley. Normally vigilant parents can easily become distracted from safety issues at birthday celebrations. And these events can pose serious risks from the cake candle to the small plastic toys often found in goodie bags. The distractions add up when you have other children and parents attending the festivities too. Look over some of the top birthday hazards to make sure that your child’s special day stays happy, not hazardous.


“There are so many food items that are considered unsafe until a child reaches the age of 4,” says Dr. Christine Wood, pediatrician and author of How to Get Kids to Eat Great & Love It. She lists popular party foods such as hot dogs, grapes, hard candy, popcorn, chunks of cheese, meat, carrots, celery, taffy, dried fruits, marshmallows, and others as posing choking risks.
Dr. Wood advises some simple precautions to avoid problems. First, make sure that the children attending the party—including the birthday child—sit while eating. “Almost any food can become a choking hazard if children are running around or laughing.” Second, avoid known choking foods or make sure these foods are cut into small pieces.
Choking is a serious hazard for little kids. According to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 17,537 children visited emergency rooms around the country in 2001 with nonfatal choking problems. Of those choking incidences, 60 percent were from food items, 31 percent were from nonfood items, and 9 percent were from unknown substances.
If a child does appear to be choking, either because he is unable to breathe, breathing is labored, or he’s turning color, Dr. Bryan Burke, a pediatrician at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, relays the importance of parents reacting quickly. Sometimes the child is still able to breathe while the object is lodged in the airway, but if a child’s breathing is blocked completely, you have only four minutes before the lack of oxygen will lead to death, says Dr. Burke.
Dr. Burke, along with the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests parents take a CPR course and familiarize themselves with how to react in emergency situations.
Additionally, when planning the party, ask parents of party guests if their children have any food allergies so that you can avoid serving those foods or restrict the food to certain areas.

Decorations and Wrappings

With all the party excitement, you may not realize that some common party items—such as gift-wrapping and balloons—can prevent breathing if inhaled or swallowed. Dr. Burke recalls vividly a case where he was called to remove a balloon from a child’s throat. Unfortunately, the four-year-old died before ever reaching the hospital.
While you don’t have to ban balloons from your festivities altogether, be careful where you place them. Tape balloons high above children’s heads and don’t let anyone play with them. Save balloon animals until children are older and won’t place the balloons in their mouths.
Gather up wrapping paper, ribbons, and packaging as soon as your child is done opening gifts. Remember that you’re not just trying to ensure your own child’s safety, but also that of other children attending the party.

Your House

Take a childproofing tour of your house. This is a great time to check between couch cushions and under beds for hazardous items. “Small things like marbles, watch batteries, pen caps, or buttons can be a real choking problem,” says Dr. Wood. Reinstall childproofing devices such as outlet covers and gates at stairs if necessary.
Before the party, determine where guests will put their coats and purses. Dr. Wood points out that many items that a child might stumble onto in a purse left on the floor can be dangerous, such as medications, keys, or pocket knives.
If you have a family pool, there must be at least one adult who will stay in the pool for the entire event and watch the children. If your pool is covered, lock outside doors or pool gates so that children will not find their way into your pool and drown.


Like small pieces of food, tiny toys can also put your child at risk of choking. Opt for party favors that are large enough that they cannot be swallowed. Dr. Wood explains that any item that can fit through a toilet paper roll can potentially fit in your child’s mouth and create airway problems.
Remember that gifts your child receives may be unsuitable for your child’s age—such as a toy intended for preschoolers with small parts. Tuck these gifts away and save them for your child to enjoy once she’s old enough.

Have Fun—Get Help!

Parties are supposed to be fun, not stressful. If you are aware of common party dangers you’ll be better able to prevent an accident and enjoy your child’s special day. Perhaps the best celebration advice comes from pediatrician Dr. Dan McGee, of the DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan: “Don’t do it all yourself. Find someone or hire a babysitter to help you manage the party, especially if you are expecting a lot of guests.” Now, who’s ready to party?
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Porridge in Baby Diet

25 Sep

Your child grows up not day by day but hour by hour. And, of course, you want him/her to grow healthy, strong, smart and talented … The key to successful growth and development of a baby in the first year of life is good nutrition. It is no secret that the best diet for a child in the first year of his/her life is breast milk. This magical product not only have nutritional properties and contributes to optimal growth, but also gives your child strong immunity. From 4-6 months, child’s needs for nutrients and energy are increasing, it is time to put into his/her diet supplementary nourishment.


What is nourishment?

Nourishment is the gradual expansion of child diet in addition to breast milk, starting from the age of 4-6 months.
How to determine whether it is time to start complementary nourishment? There are several factors that determine this important step:

-child becomes more active and as a consequence, the growing body needs additional nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates);

-the need to expand the diet, as in a variety it’s easy to collect all essential microelements for the development and growth of the organism (iron, zinc, etc.);

-preparing the organism for the transition to solid food types (”training” digestive system);

-and one of the most important points – to teach the child to get used to new kinds of food for a gradual weaning from breast-feeding or the bottle.

Before including the complementary food in the baby diet always consult a pediatrician! The choice of the first dishes requires an individual approach, and it depends on many factors.

How to include new food in the child’s diet?

New food for baby is a large load for the child’s organism, so it is very important to observe the rules of complementary nourishment:

a healthy baby responds with joy and interest to a suggestion to try something “new”, if a child is prone to allergies he/she get sick;

foods should be started with a product (if it porridge – then start with one grain, and no additives) in a small number (preferably in the morning), and closely monitor the state of the baby during the day, diathesis – the first sign of allergies to food;

each new type of product you need to write, starting with a small amount (1-2 teaspoons), increasing it within 10-14 days prior to the desired volume;

no more than one new product should enter into the diet of a baby within 5 days;

before using a new product be sure to read the instructions on the preparation;

food should be prepared just before each feeding, and the remains can not be stored and reused.

One of the first courses in the introduction of complementary foods is porridge.

Types of children’s cereal

A. home made or ready.

B. requiring cooking or fast cooking.

B. Monocomponent

G. No gluten or that contain gluten.

D. Without milk or dairy based.

E. No additives.

When mother carefully preparing porridge for babies from the usual cereals, it is difficult to take into account all the nuances, which include the needs of child’s organism in proteins and fats, vitamins, iron, zinc and other trace elements.

Paediatricians recommend the use of meals designed specifically for child nutrition. Their advantages are: security (absence of harmful substances), guaranteed by a balanced composition, enriched in basic vitamins and minerals, the possibility of rapid preparation.

The range of children’s cereal porridge Friso represented a wide variety of species. Porridge made by Dutch company Friesland Foods recipe for appropriate hygienic requirements of international standards for the production of children’s products. The production of cereal are used raw materials, derived from traditional sources, does not contain GMOs, artificial colors or preservatives. Special processing of cereals in the production of cereal, can save their unique natural properties.

The composition of children’s cereal Friso to maintain immunity kid put a set of “triple protection”, which includes selenium + zinc.

Selenium is an essential component of antioxidant protection of organism. If selenium is not enough, the body of the child becomes less resistant to environmental hazards.

Zinc has a very beneficial effect on the immune system. It is proved that a sufficient amount of zinc increases the number of immune cells and helps the body fight infection.


Wedding Rsvp Etiquette For Guests

24 Sep

Once upon a time, people didn’t need response cards. When they received a written invitation, they would RSVP on their own stationery, offering congratulations and whether or not they would be able to attend.
With the invention of the telephone, it became customary to include a response card for formal invitations, and to ask people to RSVP by telephone for casual invitations.

But what should a response card say, what is the etiquette of response cards, and are there other ways for guests to RSVP?
Along with the other aspects of wedding like the cater, invitations, decorations, etc. little RSVP notes or the wedding response cards also need to be prepared by following proper wedding RSVP etiquette. RSVP notes or response cards whose initials are abbreviated from a French phrase Repondez S’il Vous Plait, meaning ‘please respond’, are basically send by the hosts along with the invitations, asking the guests to let them know about their intentions or plans on or before the specified date, which is usually two to four weeks before the wedding.
Today’s Wedding RSVP Etiquette for Guests
When it comes to weddings, the couple is usually hoping that the big day will be stress free, and that everyone will share happily in the ultimate profession of their unending love. In many cases, however, by the time of the big day, the couple is exhausted from all the planning. One way you, as an invited guest, can help is to make sure that you notify the couple of your plans by using the appropriate wedding RSVP etiquette for guests.
If you plan to attend, it’s important to follow the directions included with the invitation and to state the number of persons who will be in your party. If you cannot attend, it is almost doubly important to make sure the couple knows. There are seating charts to devise and caterers to inform, after all. While an empty chair at a table may create some discomfort, the missing person or persons can mean more than just an awkward silence while the other guests decide who gets the extra favors. Missing guests can mean that the bride and groom or their family will have to pay the caterer and reception hall for meals that no one is there to enjoy.

Online Wedding RSVP Etiquette for Guests
Couples today are sometimes opting to use online wedding RSVP options. These options include such interesting perks as printing RSVP instructions right on the invitation, thus saving $2.00 or more per guest. Usually, this means asking guests to call a toll-free number with a dedicated extension at which they can leave their response. Some companies even offer a personalized website for the wedding that can showcase the couple, provide directions and other pertinent information, and even offer links to gift registries.
As an invited guest, if you do not respond by the date specified by the couple, you may even get a call from their online RSVP company asking whether you plan to attend. The website will allow you to print out directions if you need them and will give you information about what the couple wants and needs. Not only does the couple save time and money, but you can respond in less than a minute by calling the number provided.

Choosing Bridal Shower Invitation Themes

19 Sep

Bridal showers are no longer restricted to traditional teas or sedate afternoon gatherings, and modern brides and bridesmaids can use their creativity to choose an offbeat theme. Consider today’s popular bridal shower themes that will get guests in the mood to celebrate.

Luau Bridal Shower Theme

A luau theme is perfect for a summer bridal shower or for a bride whose honeymoon destination is tropical. To set the tone, select bridal shower invitations that reflect a tropical mood, such as a turquoise background with a vibrant hibiscus flower border.

You can welcome guests with leis and invite them to wear tropical colors. If you have the outdoor space, consider hosting the bridal shower beneath colorful umbrellas, with the food tables covered in deep pink tablecloths and strewn with flowers.

Wild West Bridal Shower Theme

Whether the bride-to-be is from the west or just loves John Wayne movies, consider a western theme. You could send Wild West bridal shower invitations asking guests wear western attire. Or you might choose invitations featuring a cowgirl on a horse swinging a lasso that contains the cheap bridal shower invitation wording.

You can also consider inviting guests on a trail ride at a local farm offering horseback riding for private parties. For a more budget-friendly affair, you could invite guests to a Wild West backyard barbeque. The future bride could wear a sheriff’s star and a colorful cowgirl hat to set the tone.

Sophisticated Cocktail Theme

For a more intimate and formal bridal shower, you might consider a cocktail theme and ask guests to dress up and prepare for a cocktail party or an elegant dinner. You could send black cheap bridal shower invitations with shimmering champagne glasses doused in white glitter to denote the formality of an evening shower. Then, depending on the number of guests, you might hire a limo to drive everyone to a fancy restaurant where you laugh and toast the bride-to-be over a sumptuous dinner.

Roses are Red Theme

The underlying theme of most weddings is love, which could lead to a roses are red romantic bridal shower theme. Your bridal shower invitations could be deep red and shaped like a heart, preparing guests for a sappy, romantic shower. You could watch a romantic comedy, share romantic stories about the bride and her fiancé, and gorge on dark chocolate and champagne, all the while surrounded by bouquets of red roses and carnations.

Indulgent Spa Theme What future bride couldn’t use a day of relaxation and pampering to help ease the stress of planning her wedding? A spa theme is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy the company of good friends. You could send ivory bridal shower invitations showing a girl in a fluffy robe, inviting guests to a spa shower. Many spas will offer package deals, giving you the freedom to choose as little or as long an event as you please. After the pampering, you might gather at a local restaurant for a post-spa meal or head to someone’s home to continue the fun.

There are almost limitless possibilities for choosing a bridal shower theme. Just have fun and select a theme that matches the bride’s personality for a shower no one will soon forget.

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Wedding Planning Tips On A Budget

18 Sep

Weddings are fantastic celebrations of love. They can also be stressful, extravagant, and costly. It is important to know that there are many ways to plan a highly personalized and memorable day, without breaking the bank. Before making any arrangements for your wedding, be familiar with the exact amount of your wedding budget. Next, it is important to really prioritize the categories of your wedding. Do the two of you want to put an emphasis and large portion of money into the dress, the location, the cake, the wedding music and entertainment? Sitting down and drawing up a list of priorities makes it much easier for delineating how much of the money you would like to allot to each category of the wedding.

There are many ways to cut costs while still having an enjoyable and stress free day. If the dress is not ranked high on the priority list, consider borrowing a dress from someone who wears your size. Wedding dresses are usually only worn once. Even if borrowing or buying a second hand dress, it will likely still look brand new.

If you would like to cut costs for the location, think about whether you prefer to have an indoor or outdoor wedding. Church members can usually use the church facilities for free, or for a very nominal cost. Outdoor weddings can be held at the rural property of a friend or family member. Wedding guests can bring their own lawn chairs to eliminate the cost of renting seating.

You may also consider booking the wedding and reception in the same venue. Not only will this help you save thousands of dollars, but it will also help your guests save time on travelling.

Many individuals are interested in baking, and even cake making. Perhaps a friend or family member would like to gift a wedding cake. Otherwise, a sheet cake with pretty decorations on it serves as an adequate and pretty wedding cake. Guests can enjoy a tasty piece of dessert, and costs are kept at a minimum.

Do you have musical friends or family who would like to provide wedding entertainment? An aunt or uncle could serve as an M.C. at the reception, and other musical friends and family members could sing or play an instrument as part of the ceremony. A friend or family member with a nice sound system could serve as your wedding dj.

Enjoy planning your special day and utilizing the talents of the special people in your life.

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Baby Shower Party Favors For Boys

17 Sep

Anticipating the arrival of a bouncing baby boy is an happy occasion for the parents-to-be, the extended family, and their acquaintances. Baby showers are endless merriment – and a ton of work. Picking the classic baby shower invitation to welcome a baby boy may provide inspiration for the color arrangement and the theme for your entire celebration.

With so many invitation themes available, here are a few recommendations specifically for baby boys to help you get started:

Keep it conventional with traditional blue. If the greater part of the people you are bringing together to the baby shower are more mature family members that tend to be more conventional, you might want to choose a traditional baby shower invitation. A conventional baby shower invitation may make it easier for them to associate to the event, feel more comfortable about attending the party, and really get happy and anticipate the baby shower. A lovely blue and white invitation with teddy bears, rubber duckies, or baby bottles and diapers are great choices to keep the invitation conventional, but so darling that your guests will want to display it on their fridge or their mantle.
Boy Baby Shower Invitations 1
Design it chic for the cutting-edge mommy-to-be. If you are putting on a baby shower for a modern mommy-to-be with young, avant-garde guests, a contemporary baby shower invitation is just what you are looking for. Pick an invitation with a current color scheme. Popular color trends for now baby shower invitations for boys include aqua, yellow, blue as well as lime green. A sleek and clean arrangement with clean lines will keep your baby shower invitation looking chic and polished.

Let the earth affect you. For parents-to-be and attendees that enjoy the outdoors, an animal or nature featured baby shower invitation is a perfect choice. A dinosaur baby shower invitation is always a hit for baby boys. You might also want to contemplate a farm animal theme or a fun cute monkey theme for the invitation. There are also cute garden themed baby shower invitations for boys with blues and greens or bugs and insects.

Lets play ball! From baseball to football to soccer, sports themed baby shower invitations for boys are a home run – and are a great option to involve the dad-to-be. Plan the baby shower around a preferred sport or a preferred sports team to generate it a more personal encounter for the parents.

Get ready to party! Provided your invitees are going to be a young, dynamic crowd, choose a baby shower invitation that can hold up with them. Use a circus or a beach themed invitation to attract your groups attention and follow up with appropriate entertainment and party favors.

Keep in mind, choose the invitation that correctly tailors with the parents and invitees personalities, the ideas of your party, as well as the decorations for a flawless baby shower invitation to an exciting and fabulous baby shower.

Candles and Favors is a family-owned Party Authority that provides high-quality baby shower invitations, many baby shower themes, baby shower party favors, soy candles and baby shower stationary to help you plan the ultimate event.

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10 tips to help you cope with new-mom exhaustion

12 Sep

These 10 tips should help you survive (and enjoy) those early weeks as a new mom

1. Go slow. We live in a fast paced world. Babies move on a very different pace, as do new parents. Give yourself permission to move on baby time.

2. Limit your other obligations. You will only be a new parent for a few months of your whole life. Think about how you can make the most of it.

3. Sleep whenever you can. Try to rest whenever baby is asleep or being cared for by someone else. Rest can sometimes feel like a waste of time when there is so much to do, but keeping yourself as refreshed as possible will make everything else easier.

4. Nurture yourself. You are putting out an enormous amount of energy. It is important to recharge your batteries. Even a 30 minute hot bath, a short read or a walk with a friend could help to rejuvenate you. Think about two or three things you could do in less than an hour to nurture yourself and make it happen.

5. Think of your baby’s crying as communication. Your baby needs to learn that the world is a trustworthy and reliable place. His sense of trust in the world is an essential building block for all other learning he will do. There may be times when nothing seems to help and you may just need to stay close, relaxed and supportive until your baby is done crying.

6. Keep your expectations to a minimum. Many parents who work outside the home before they have a baby expect that being home with baby will afford them many opportunities to get things done around the house. If you can keep your expectations to a minimum, you may feel less overwhelmed and unsuccessful. Figure out which projects can wait.

7. Accept offers of help. You will be giving others the gift of feeling included and helpful and you will be giving yourself the gift of help.

8. Ask for help. Many people around you might be interested in helping, but may not know how or what to offer. You can gently inquire if they would be interested.

9. Get together with other new parents. One of the hardest things about being a new parent is believing you are the only one feeling overwhelmed and confused. It can be very supportive to spend time with other new parents. Look for new parent support or activity groups through your local hospital, community college, adult education school or other community group.

10. Expect to feel vulnerable. Bringing a new baby into your life changes you forever. Your feelings are simultaneously deepened and closer to the surface. You might find yourself wet with tears or spontaneously elated at a moment’s notice. If you know that this rich emotional life is a natural part of being a new parent, you may be able to relax, tolerate and even relish these new feelings.

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