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Top Five Memorable Baby Shower Gifts 2012

31 Aug

Popular & Memorable baby shower gifts

Go off the registry, and consider these beautiful gift ideas for the new baby. They don’t have to be expensive to be memorable and fun gifts.Nowadays, baby showers have everything planned%u2026right down to the gifts that the new parents will be getting. But the best way for gifts to stand out is for guests to think outside the registry.

Any new mom will tell you that some of her favorite baby shower gifts were diapers, wipes, onesies, and other practical items. These items come Baby Shower Giftsin handy as the new mom throws herself into motherhood, but once things calm down a bit and she settles into everyday life, she will cherish the baby shower gifts that are a little more unique. Here are the top five memorable baby shower gifts, in my view.

1. Baby’s first piggy bank

 Most children will grow to love the idea of collecting child. My own niece begs my dad for change every time she sees him. My daughter gets up from her nap most days and asks me to get her piggy bank down from her shelf so she can take coins out and then put them back in. Piggy banks can serve many different purposes. First, they can teach a child about money. Second, they can be fun. Third, they make wonderful baby shower gifts. Piggy banks come in all different colors and styles and they can even be personalized. I will always remember who gave me my daughter’s blue piggy bank with her name painted on the side and so will she.Personalized piggy banks can be great gifts for babies and kids. Although babies are too young for piggy banks, but the latest designs of these personalized piggy banks can be a great source of entertainment for the babies. When babies are gifted some money, parents choose to store the money in these kids piggy banks as a token of love and blessings.

2. Diaper cake

 The famous diaper cake is often the center of any baby shower. Baby shower gifts come in all shapes and sizes, but the diaper cake is the most unique shape and size of all. Diaper cakes are often set at the center of the gift table because they are so neat to see. I know I still remember the diaper cake I received and exactly who brought it and made it. I also remember how long she said it took her to put the whole thing together. A diaper cake is useful because all of the items in it are things the new parents will genuinely use. It is also a memorable gift that everyone at the shower will likely enjoy.

When searching for baby boy gifts, it is best to give them something which they will need. Since the most essential item for the baby is diaper, you can gift him a diaper cake. This item is one of the most popular gifts for babies in current times. The diaper cake is mostly made of two or three layer. There are several online stores on the internet who sell these items. If you are a working adult who do not have time to visit the store to purchase baby boy gifts, then online shopping will be the best option for you.

3.Disney Princess Gifts

If the baby is going to be a girl, the new mother will likely someday get to see all of the Disney movies%u2026especially those that involve princesses. There are many different Disney princess gifts on the market, many of which are good for even newborns. If you buy a piece of jewelry, or an item that is really meant for an older child, the new mother will have something to look forward to sharing with her daughter a little later in life.Using this type of nifty present your girl can indulge and make cakes comprehensive with icing, frosting and sprinkles.

4. Stuffed Tote Bag

If you want to include practical items along with a special gift, a stuffed tote bag is a good way to go. You can get a large tote bag and personalize it with the new baby’s name. If you do not yet know the baby’s name, put the first letter of the couple’s last name on the bag and anyone can use it. Then, stuff the bag full of items the new parents will need. Diapers, wipes, blankets, books, clothes, and anything else you can think of adding. The tote bag will make a great item to carry all of those things around and the items themselves will come in very useful.

5. Organic baby crib sets

Not many people are bold enough to pick out sheets for a new baby, but organic baby products are a wonderful gift. Find out the color of the baby’s room and do your best. Even if they do not match exactly, the new mother will likely be glad to have a spare set in the middle of the night when she needs it, and the mattress that we choose for them to sleep on is an important choice. As awareness is raised about the benefits purchasing organic and natural products, many parents are choosing as many of these products as possible. Choosing organic crib mattresses should be no exception.


Baby shower party themes

29 Aug

Should your baby shower have a theme? It’s really up to you. You may find creating a theme too much work or not your style, but having one can make the party seem more organized and streamline preparations.

If you know that your shower is going to feature baby bottles, for example, you can look for bottle-shaped invitations and bottles to use for beverages or to fill with candy for game prizes. Even if the theme is as simple as a color scheme (for instance, blue and white if the parents already know it’s a boy), it’s a unifying element that can simplify your job.

Here are some theme recommendations from experienced baby shower planners and guests:

Tea party
My sisters-in-law and two friends threw a surprise tea party baby shower for me. They made fresh flower centerpieces for the tables. They borrowed teapots, plates, and cups from a relative and placed a set on each table. My theme was teddy bears, so they borrowed bears and set them all around the room. All the tables were covered with fancy tablecloths and guests were asked to dress up. The menu started with assorted teas, scones, etc. The main menu was turkey on a croissant, fresh fruit slices, and a salad. People are still talking about the shower!
— Heather

Baby brunch
I threw a “brunch” baby shower for my best friend, held at 10:30 a.m. We had traditional games and gifts. Foods included “virgin” (non-alcoholic) cocktails with fruit tarts, quiches, and a bundt cake for eats. White linens and real silver set the beautiful classy mood.
— Amy

Pampering Mom
To break tradition for a friend who was having her third, we threw a “mommy shower.” The decorations were very grown-up — fancy chocolates, cloth tablecloths, real glass, and flowers. Instead of baby gifts, everyone gave her things to pamper Mommy, like comfy lounge clothes, and gift certificates for takeout food and manicures and the like. She was thrilled!
— Kathie

Star of the show
Make the cake like a star on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. And have it say something like “a star will be born” or something similar, or maybe even the baby’s name if it’s already been picked out.
— Tee

As each guest arrives and walks down the red carpet, videotape the “stars”! Let each guest give a special message to the mom-to-be. Give the guest of honor the video and let her add other special moments.
— Liz

Nine months pregnant
We invited the guests to come “nine months pregnant” (stuffed with pillows, etc.) so the about-to-pop mother-to-be wouldn’t feel physically out of place. It was a co-ed shower, so even the men stuffed their shirts to be “with child”! The dressing up made for a nice icebreaker since all of the guests didn’t know each other beforehand and created a very fun, relaxed atmosphere.
— Maggie

Deep freeze

Since this will be our second child and we have everything we need, a friend came up with the brilliant idea of a “deep freeze” shower. She asked guests to bring a cooked, freezable meal for our freezer, for us to eat after the baby arrives.
— Susan

Diaper bonanza

I put together a basket with a bottle of wine, crackers, wine glasses, wine opener, block of cheese, summer sausage, etc. to display at my friend’s shower. In the invitations I wrote that there would be a raffle for a gift basket that anyone would love. The price for each entry was one small pack of diapers or a box of wipes. Guests could enter as many times as they liked. My friend didn’t need to buy diapers for three months, and one of our guests won the beautiful basket!
— Veronica

It’s a Diaper Party! That was the theme for my party and it was great. We had diaper invitations and decorations. Since I had basically every thing for the baby, all the guests were instructed to bring diaper packets of all sizes as presents. In the end not only did I end up with a diaper supply of about 7 months but the guests loved not having to agonize about bringing the perfect gift.
— Liz

Layette party
Hang a clothesline in the room. Have guests arrive before the guest of honor and bring an item from the layette or an article of clothing for the baby and hang it from the clothesline. When the mom-to-be walks in, she’ll be delighted. She can also take the clothesline and clothes pins for her own personal use.
— Sabrina

Books for the baby
One of my friends held a “book” shower with a fairy tale/garden party theme for our first baby. She asked each guest to bring a favorite book. We received board books, classic books, bedtime books, and storybooks. Many guests also brought a stuffed animal to match the book. It was a great way to start our baby’s library!
— Melanie

A good friend of mine threw a “book” theme shower for the birth of my third child. She made a book-shaped cake with decorations from children’s books. The guests all brought gifts of children’s books and other items if they wanted to. It was wonderful.
— Anonymous

What are your favorite theme ideas? Which ones aren’t so hot? ^_^ via : babycenter

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Chocolate Gift Ideas for Baby Shower

23 Aug

Chocolate is divine and almost everyone simply loves it. Why not use it as a gift to give a mother-to-be and brighten up the rest of her days during pregnancy? Why not give it to guests as a little thank you for sharing your joy at your baby shower? Here’s how chocolate can be used for gift-giving at a baby shower.
Chocolate can never go wrong as a gift. Be it for a pregnant woman or the mother-to-be, or be it for the guests who come and celebrate her joy at a baby shower. It is in fact one of the most feasible gift ideas because pretty much everyone will enjoy it, and it is a gift that will definitely not be recycled. Moreover, chocolate gifts are versatile. Just a box of chocolates is not all you can give as a gift. Chocolate with its versatility can be molded into a beautiful gift idea that anyone will love without doubt. They can be gourmet or they can be simple and straight from the heart. That is how chocolate is. It allows you to mold it just the way you want it, to please you and your senses. So here’s how you can come up with some delicious and gorgeous chocolate gift ideas for a baby shower.

Delectable Chocolate Gift Ideas

Here we provide you with ideas that can be used as baby shower favors as well as gifts that can be given to the mother-to-be. Either way, they will definitely be appreciated. These are ideas that you can use as they are, or you can derive inspiration from them to come up with some great ideas yourself. All you have to do is get a little creative, and there will be no dearth of chocolate gift ideas.

Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

A wonderful gift for the mother-to-be, fortune cookies dipped in rich dark (or white, or both) chocolate can serve a dual purpose; for one, YUM! And for the other, the messages inside can be personalized specifically for her. For instance, if she doesn’t know the gender of the baby but badly wants it to be a boy or a girl, one of the messages can say ‘It’s a boy/girl!’ On the other hand, you could say ‘Your happiness will double in the coming days…’ which could insinuate that she can expect twins. These will of course be fun messages and you can customize them to suit her choice and personality. Great isn’t it?

Chocolate Jars

For a personalized gift that you can make yourself, put together jars with an assortment of chocolates. For instance, these could be chocolate-coated almonds, hazelnuts, or raisins. You could even have chocolates filled with delicious flavors that the mother-to-be enjoys. On the jar, you may stick a label with a personalized message for the mother-to-be. For instance, it could have the quote, Diaper backward spells repaid. Think about it. (Marshall McLuhan) You could then sign it off with your name. On the other hand, this gift can also be made at home. Again, these could be personalized with thank you messages from the mother-to-be for the guests. The chocolate will definitely be enjoyed and the jars will last them a long time.

Chocolate Covered Cookies

A crunchy treat that is loaded with oodles of chocolate makes for another great chocolate gift idea for a baby shower. The idea is to have delicious chocolate chip cookies in diaper, star, or baby jumpsuit shapes dipped in white and dark chocolate. Sounds delectable, doesn’t it? Go another step and wrap them in gender-specific colored wrappers (if you know the gender of the baby), or simple paper that is in accordance with the theme of the baby shower, and you are good to go. Put the cookies in a jar, a tin, or in a box, and use a cute ribbon to give the entire package a finishing touch. This is definitely a perfect gift for the mom-to-be or from the mom-to-be.

Chocolate Blooms

A basket full of assorted chocolates decorated in the form of a bouquet will combine the most delicious chocolates in the world into one large gift at a baby shower. If you are sick of the regular chocolates, why not make a bouquet with chocolate lollipops? While the lollipops and the entire bouquet can be prepared professionally, if you have the time and the inclination, these can be made yourself too. Wrap the lollipops in a variety of colored paper so that they resemble actual flower blooms that can be decorated into a bouquet. Tissue, ribbon, tulle, and other embellishments can be further used to enhance it. This gift can be made with as few as two lollipops so that it is feasible if given from the mother-to-be to the guests at the baby shower. If given by a guest, the bouquet can be as big as you would like it to be.

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Important Tips For Couples Selecting Custom Wedding Invitations

16 Aug

A wedding can take a year’s worth of decisions and preparations. From the venue to the clothes, to the music, to the vows, it seems like there’s enough pressure to make your head spin! Not to mention that each and every decision you make is based on a budget that either you and/or your parents are funding. You want all the little details to come out perfect without fear of running over budget before the bigger items on the preparations list. That’s why so many couples opt to find affordable wedding invitations.

You can still find a wide array of custom wedding invitations without going over your allocated budget. First set your price range and only search within that limit. One way to refine the search is by choosing a theme. Your wedding has a theme–it may not be a distinct country chic or urbanite extravaganza, nor something quirky or unique like goth or punk, but it probably follows some stylistic motifs. The other elements such as the venue, dress, and cake will dictate whether or not you’re holding a traditional or modern wedding. A lot of specifically themed invites will cost less than the more generic or classic-looking ones. Designs with bright colors and different text not only add personality, they will save you money because they’re so specific they won’t be as in demand.

Another way to save money is by looking for your cards early. The closer it is to the wedding, especially if it’s in season the more you will pay. You can look for discounts when it’s not wedding season, once again because there is less demand. Also, this works to your benefit because then when you order the custom wedding invitations you get a long enough time to change them or to review potential errors in the printing before having to send them out. You want to make sure that it’s all perfect anyway so why not give yourself the time to do so without feeling rushed?

Another way to save is by selecting the card from the printer you use for detailing and text. If you use an all-in-one service you are more likely to get deals and discounts than ordering the blank cards and then having to get them customized someplace else. Look for places that manage both ends of the card business, sales and printing.

These are just some of the ways you can get affordable cards for your guests and still have something nice to showcase.

Western Weddings History

15 Aug

Weddings haven’t always been walking down the aisle and dancing in a room filled with one hundred and fifty guests. In fact, there’s little about the earliest “weddings” that resemble the joyous occasions we now celebrate. Read on for a brief bit of wedding history.

Wedding by Capture

The earliest weddings weren’t about love and wanting to spend the rest of your life with that special someone. Instead they were about politics and survival. In early days, the bigger a tribe, the better protected they all were against predators, other tribes and villages and the elements. In other words, there was safety in numbers.

In these early times, women would be kidnapped by the groom and some of his trusted friends or relatives. This group of men is now represented by the Best Man and grooms men that make up a modern day wedding party. Once the bride was kidnapped, she was considered the groom’s property and a member of his tribe. The couple would then stay away for as long as possible to avoid retaliation. This period of time has evolved to become what is now known as the honeymoon.

Political Weddings

Political Weddings

If a bride wasn’t being captured by her groom, she was being used as a tool to bring two tribes or high ranking families together. Brides were also bartered for money, livestock, land or other goods. Marriages were also used to elevate social status for one or both couples. In fact, a married couple might never have met prior to their wedding day!

Medieval Times

Medieval Times

During Medieval times, laws regarding marriage changed and women were no longer allowed to be bartered, sold or exchanged for goods of any kind. If a couple wanted to get married, a priestly blessing was required first. It was also illegal for secret wedding ceremonies to be held. A wedding was still arranged in many cases, and contracts were even drawn up listing the terms and rights of all parties involved. Weddings among royalty and aristocracy were often arranged when the bride and groom were only ten or twelve years old. These weddings were more about property and inheritance than love.

That isn’t to say marriages for love didn’t occur. This was mostly the case with the lower classes, for whom possessions and social standing wasn’t so important.

Elizabethan Weddings

During Elizabethan times, weddings began to more represent weddings we attend today. At an Elizabethan wedding ceremony one could expect to see bridesmaids, wedding rings, and the exchange of wedding vows. Women were even beginning to carry herbs or flowers. While these were happy, fairy tale occasions, marriages were still mostly arranged. Even though the Happy Couple often didn’t meet until their wedding day, the well-to-do groom was often presented with a picture of his betrothed beforehand so he would know what she looked like.

Prior to the wedding, the groom was presented with a dowry. In many cases, this was the reason behind the wedding. A dowry wasn’t necessarily money; it was also land or goods. While technically paying a “bride price” was illegal, a dowry was more or less considered a wedding gift. The families were able to get around the bride price law on this technicality.

Colonial Weddings

Once again, for people of wealth, marriages were more business arrangement than loving relationship. Courtships and marriages were arranged, usually by the father of the young men, who would write a letter to the young lady’s father requesting permission to court. These letters would usually list the attributes of the young man in question and why the union would be a profitable one for all concern. If the father of the young lady agreed, courtship and, after a negotiation of dowry, marriage would eventually take place.Southern weddings tended to be more festive than those in the North where solemn civil ceremonies were common place. Southern weddings were always followed by a large reception with food, drink, and games, whereas Northern weddings didn’t have much of a party afterwards.

Victorian Weddings

As soon as a woman finished school (around the age of seventeen or eighteen), she would “come out” or make her debut. This was a very important and exciting time as she had been groomed for marriage all of her life. New clothes and accessories would be purchased so she would look her best and impress any potential suitors. Men, of course, viewed courtship as more business than pleasure. Land, money, and the family business were all carefully researched since what belonged to the woman would be turned over to the man upon marrying. The upper classes would usually meet at social engagements such as parties. The lower classes would meet through church and church sponsored functions.

If a couple enjoyed each other’s company and shared a similar lifestyle and social standing they might become engaged. Love was generally not an issue as marriage was still considered a business transaction. Since women were allowed a certain amount of independence in choosing their suitors, they did at least have some say in the matter and in many cases didn’t marry unless they were a little fond of each other.


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Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2012

14 Aug

From the long-lasting ‘Kate Middleton Effect’ on wedding fashion to romantic watercolor details and a 1900s-inspired panoramic wedding portrait, expect more classic and formal wedding details for 2012. Just remember brides will still take certain elements to a whole new level, like once-in-a-lifetime mega-moons or even The Hunger Games-style bachelorette parties.
1. “Snow White” Wedding Dresses: Buzzed-about movies Snow White and The Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror will inspire 2012 brides to wear wedding gowns that are light and airy, but with a mysterious and sexy vibe. Vera Wang’s stunning witchcraft-inspired 2012 wedding dresses will be the bride’s first stop.

White Wedding Dresses

2. Enchanting Flowers: The magical settings of these Snow White-inspired movies and even much-anticipated fantasy film The Hobbit will have an effect on wedding décor, with brides opting for a woodsy vibe. Think: soft, decadent bouquets filled with flowers like cabbage roses, peonies and dinner plate dahlias.

Enchanting Flowers

3. Watercolor Designs: On dresses, invitations and table designs, watercolor touches give weddings the perfect creative bent for 2012. A-list designer Carolina Herrera showed stunning watercolor prints in her spring 2012 bridal collection. And the color palette to do this in? Pastels like pink and lilac are the “it” colors of 2012!

Watercolor Designs

4. The Hunger Games-Style Bachelor Parties: Forget strippers and booze, the bachelor and bachelorette party of 2012 is giving way to The Hunger Games-style action. While ladies are channeling their inner Jane Bond via programs like Stiletto Spy School where they get to learn defensive tactics, high-speed stunt driving and MacGyver-like survival skills (all while rocking a dress, of course), guys are finally fulfilling their lifelong fantasies of race car driving, learning how to play poker like a pro and even, believe it or not, herding cows and sheep.

Hunger Games-Style Bachelor Parties

5. The Bombshell Bride: Marilyn Monroe wooed a president, was featured on the cover of the first issue of Playboy, is the subject of Oscar-buzzed movie My Week with Marilyn, and is going to make an especially big impression on brides this year. The beauty icon’s ability to accentuate her best features, signature pouty lips and slinky dresses (we especially love a number from Reem Acra with a sexy slit up the side!) are the perfect inspiration for bombshell brides.

The Bombshell Bride

6. The Panoramic Wedding Portrait: Just like critically acclaimed movie The Artist was shot on film without sound, the trend in wedding photography is to steer away from all the overdone effects (like odd angles and lots of added filters). Instead, photographers are shooting turn-of-the-century-inspired wedding portraits with a formal, classic approach. One shot that’s totally mantel-worthy? A panoramic wedding portrait where every single wedding guest is in the photo.

The Panoramic Wedding Portrait

7. Ritzy Ranch Weddings: The setting? A 200-year-old barn complete with long exposed-wood tables, large chandeliers and ambient lighting. The flowers? Lace-wrapped bouquets of wild roses, lilies of the valley, Queen Anne’s lace and gardenias. The food? Delicate wild game like juniper-spiced venison, cider-braised pheasant and pan-roasted quail, Top Chef: Texas-style. Brides will be channeling the Old West with a rustic-elegant spin à la Lauren Bush and David Lauren’s recent nuptials.

Ritzy Ranch Weddings

8. When Harry Met Sally-Inspired Video Trailers: When it comes to wedding videos, it’s not something brides are watching after the wedding anymore. Couples are filming their love stories à la When Harry Met Sally and then showing snippets of it in video e-save-the-dates and having it screened at the wedding…all while guests are being filmed watching it, of course.

harry met sally

9. Long Sleeves & Lace:Brides can thank Kate Middleton and the latest Twilight installment for this wedding fashion trend long sleeves and lace! Strapless dresses will still rule the bridal aisle, but expect more coverage for 2012 with a sexy twist. Think: sheer backs and illusion sleeves. And don’t be surprised if the look of lace pops up on everything from the wedding cake to the décor.

Long Sleeves & Lace

10. Mega-Moons: New York? Check. Sri Lanka? Check. Patagonia? Check. All in one trip? Check. That’s right, for 2012, brides won’t be settling on just one dream destination, but instead, they’ll be opting for a round-the-world getaway to several far-flung locales. Plus, they’ll be virtually bringing their friends with them via social travel apps that crowd-source friend-approved recommendations from resources like Tripl and Gogobot.


Thank you The Knot for supplying this trend report.

Unique Wedding Invitations and Ideas

8 Aug

Use some of these creative ideas when sending out your invitations and make your wedding memorable!

Craft stores are great places to get ideas for unusual wedding invitations. The scrapbooking isles have a seemingly endless supply of embellishments, ribbons, natural papers and stickers. There are isles with silk flowers and they also have a great selection of beading and jewelry making supplies. Using these supplies are wonderful ways to create invitations that are unique to the individual bride and groom.

Beach Wedding InvitationsBeach Wedding Invitations

White glue can be brushed around the outside edges (about 1/2″) of a flat, printed wedding invitation (on card stock). Then sand should be sprinkled over the glue, allowed to dry and any excess brushed away. Small shells can be affixed to a few of the corners with hot glue, if desired.

Autumn Wedding InvitationsAutumn Wedding Invitations

Small silk leaves can be purchased at a craft store and glued randomly in the corners of a flat printed wedding invitation (on card stock). A few pieces of raffia can be added to the top with a small leaf holding it in the middle and glued down with a dot of hot glue.

Using Flowers on InvitationsFlowers on Invitations for wedding

The invitation should be printed on a sheet of white (or light colored) paper, that is 1-1/2″ smaller (both ways) than the underlying, dark or natural paper. Then the light paper should be placed over the dark paper and centered and affixed with a dot of hot glue to hold it in place temporarily. A hole should be punched through both pieces of paper in the top middle. A paper flower that matches the wedding flowers can be attached to the cards with a colored brad (both are available at craft stores) through the holes.

Using the same method as above for the paper, two holes can be punched in the top of the papers instead of one. The stem of a wedding flower can then be fed through the holes to attach the two pieces together.

Using their imagination and getting creative is a great way for a couple to express their love and come closer together while having fun. Plus, getting creative with their wedding invitations is a great way to get their family and friends looking forward to a fun and wonderful event.
wedding invitations via: vpgifts